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DP Dermaceuticals Sample Kit, Dry Skin

DP Dermaceuticals Sample Kit, Dry Skin

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DP Dermaceuticals Sample Kit, Dry Skin

Thinking about purchasing one of our Starter Kits by DP Dermaceuticals?

Here we have put together a little mini starter kit - so you can get a feel of the products before purchasing the whole kit/a full size product.

This kit includes:


Tri-Phase Cleanser, A gentle cleanser that removes make-up (even waterproof) and cleanses the skin without drying it out.

Micro Derm Exfoliant, A gentle peel that gets rid impurities and dead skin, gentle enough for daily use.

Hyla active, A moisture giving serum based on hyaluronic acid with three different molecule sizes, which gives deep hydration.

Vitamin Rich Repair, A repairing, moisturizing and protecting 24h cream that keeps your skin smooth and elastic.

Skin Veneer, A unique moisturizing cream with light texture, giving that extra nutrition that dry skin is missing.

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