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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Clear Skin Routine

Yon-Ka Clear Skin Routine

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Yon-ka Clear Skin Routine.

Who should use the product?
Here we have perfect starting kit for you with troublesome skin. Have you enlarged pores, greasy skin or problems with acne, then this is perfect for you!


What does the product do?
Gel Nettoyant (75ml) with its mild and light mousse is suitable for all skin types. It removes soft makeup from face, eyelids and eyelashes, clean and revitalize the skin. It is gentle to the skin's own hydrolipidal protective membranes and makes the skin smooth, fresh and comfortable.

Juvenile (15 ml) is the unclean skin's best friend, rich in essential oils and plant extracts, this concentrate fits without alcohol all ages. The exceptional ability to clean in the depth helps the skin to quickly become clearer, healthier and free from pimples.

Cream 15 (50 ml), rich in extracts from soothing plants, this caring and fast-absorbent cream is recommended for unclean skin. The cream balances and calms, and helps quickly be cleaner and healthier.

With this trio you get the perfect balance to moisturize and clean skin, right in depth!

Active ingredients in Gel Nettoyant: Iris, gentle cleaning substances of vegetable origin, red algae, essential oils of lavender, geranium, cubeba.
Active ingredients in juvenile:Ichtyol (sulfur derivative), lactic acid, essential oil from lime, marigold, azulene, yon-ka quintessence
Active ingredients in Cream 15: Velcro, Salvia, Bear, Essential Oil from Lime, Medical, Chamomile, Lemon Milo, Arnics, Troll Hassel, Reward, John's Wort, Yon-Ka Quintessence * \ t


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