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Yon-Ka Defense + Booster Serum

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Yon-ka Defense + Booster Serum, 15ml

Protection against environmental impact

This mild, nourishing oil rich in antioxidants protects against aggressive environmental impact and nourishes dry skin. The protective membrane who lays on top of the skin gives help counteract the emergence of age signs. You get instant glow and skin feel firmer.

Yon-kas Defense + booster can thanks to its high proportion of active ingredients operate in depth with that particular skin needs right now.
Morning and / or evening, mix with your regular cream 1-2 pump prints of the booster that meets your needs and apply to the face and on your neck.

Active ingredients: polyphenols of pine, inkoljan inchi, pomegranate, camelia, essential oil of cistus, quintessence of yon-ka *.