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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Hydra + Booster Serum - 15ml

Yon-Ka Hydra + Booster Serum - 15ml

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Yon-ka Hydra + Booster Serum - 15ml

Hydrating solution

This super-moisturizing product helps tight and rough skin. Relaxed and revitalized the skin quickly regains its luster.

Who should use the product?
Can be used by all kinds of skin types, especially those who need to get back their moisture and luster.

What does the product do? 
Hydra +, thanks to its high proportion of active ingredients, can operate in depth with that particular skin needs right now.

Morning and / or evening, mix with your regular cream 1-2 pump prints of the booster that meets your needs and apply to the face and on your neck.

Active ingredients:Black currants, vegetable glycerin, sodium PCA, brown algae, horse chestnut, raspberry, magnesium, vitamin C and B5.

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