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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Lait Corp - Body Cream Travel Size - 50ml

Yon-Ka Lait Corp - Body Cream Travel Size - 50ml

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The velvety without being bold is this repairing bodily milk with its discrete scent so easy that it completely disappears after stripping. Very moisturizing *, softening but also rejuvenation, offers the comfort and compliance and make the skin soft, smooth and len.

For who?Can be used by anyone who is looking for a fantastic skin cream that really moisturizes in depth without leaving a sticky film.

What does the product do?Lait Corps is a moisturizing bodily milk, amazing fragrant, which repairs the skin of the skin. It is absorbed in the skin immediately after application,Provides comfort, fullness and leaves the skin soft and silky.

Active ingredients: Ginseng, grape core oil, glycerin, sodium PCA, wild vitamin E.

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