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Hydrea Organic Egyptian Loofah Face & Body Pad 10 cm

Hydrea Organic Egyptian Loofah Face & Body Pad 10 cm

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Organic Egyptian Loofah Face & Body Pad 10 cm

Use these handy pads from Hydrea London as part of your daily skin care routine or on small body parts such as bikini area/armpits.

Body: Prevent & correct ingrown hairs and clogged hair follicle by gently peeling away surface dead skin cells.

How to use for the body: massage in small circular movements with a body wash/intimate wash or a salt peeling for added peeling & cleansing effect. 

Face: for a radiant, fresh faced appearance. This pad will deep cleanse to unblock pores and remove impurities for clearer skin, while exfoliating to help smooth fine lines, allow moisture to penetrate for extra hydration and boost circulation. 
How to use for the face: massage in small circular movements across the face to exfoliate and tone. The cotton back can also be used for gentle cleansing. 

Recommended to replace sponge every 6 months for optimal cleanliness. Can be machine washed.

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