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YONKA Cellular Code Serum – Complete Anti-ageing

YONKA Cellular Code Serum – Complete Anti-ageing

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Cellular Code Serum – Complete Anti-ageing

Cellular Code is a veritable age-defying serum containing Cell Energy complex, a combination of powerful natural active ingredients that fight cellular ageing and help reactivate your skin’s youth code. Day after day, this smart serum energises and regenerates the epidermis. Wrinkles and signs of fatigue are reduced and skin becomes smoother, firmer and brighter.
You’ll love its light, silky texture, its refined fragrance and its airless pump. You can use this serum morning and evening under your regular cream to fight the advance of time.
  • Contains 96% natural ingredients
  • Gives the skin energy and firmness
  • Reset your youth code
  • Smoothes signs of fatigue


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