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Tillverkare: Cilan bracelets

Cilan bracelet's 'siri'

Cilan bracelet's 'siri'

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Cilan bracelet "siri"

The beautiful Scandinavian Sami bracelets are made of soft reindeer skin or the highest quality lambskin. The nickel-free tin thread is an alloy with 4-5% silver spun around a strong synthetic decrease, it is handmade from the northern parts of Sweden. The Sami bracelet is the perfect gift for someone who likes something unique and fashionable, it is popular with both women and men. The bracelets require no maintenance but they should be removed before shower/swimming, it will not be damaged by getting wet and over time the leather will soften and shape yourself for your wrist.


Available in the colors: black, gold, beige

Length: 17-18cm

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