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DP Dermaceuticals Problem Skin Starter Kit

DP Dermaceuticals Problem Skin Starter Kit

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DP Dermaceuticals Problematic Skin Starter Kit

This start kit is all your skin needs to treat and prevent outbreaks in the form of acne and impurities in a package.

Problem Tarter Kit contains:

1 x DP DERMACEUTICALS ™ CLR Foam Cleanser, 60ml
1 x DP DERMACEUTICALS ™ CLR Lotion, 15ml
1 x DP Dermaceuticals ™ Brite Lite, 15ml
1 x DP Dermaceuticals ™ Brite Lite 3D Mask, 1 PC
1 x DP Dermaceuticals ™ Cover Recover, Beige, 3ML

Read more below about the products.

CLR Foam Cleanser., 60 ml - lathering cleaning, ideal for a fatty skin type with outbreaks of blemishes and impurities. The skin is cleaned gently without disturbing the barrier function. Calms an inflamed skin, reduces excess tallow and prevents clogged pores. Gives your skin a clearer appearance without wiping out.

CLR Lotion., 15 ml - This product is adapted to moisturize and balance a problematic skin with acne and impurities. The ingredients are hand-picked to reduce the sebum production, exfoliate dead skin cells and prevent future outbreaks. Results are already visible first night, without having dried out your skin.

Brite a little., 15 ml - a serum that gives the skin luster, reduces pigmentations, has "fading" effect and inhibits pigmentation over time. Dampens incipient age spots, uneven skin tone and acne. Brite a little moisturizes the skin while reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PiH) that may occur by acne and pimples.

Brite little 3D mask - Sheet mask with overlay and lustering effect on the skin. Suitable for both normal skin and a skin type with pigmentations or acne ran skin. It calms the skin after dermpapy treatment, moisturizes and reduces pigmentation. The skin is properly moisturized with fine glow.

Cover Recover. - A caring and protective foundation with SPF 30. Cover Recover contains bla vitamin A, vitamin E, copper peptides, hyalafuse complex (hyaluronic acid), probiotic, physical sun protection SPF - zinc oxide, titanium dioxide. The kit is included 3 samples of 3ml. With Sheer, Beige and Tawny.

Cover Recover is excellent to build up to a comprehensive result.

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