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Tillverkare: Dp Dermaceuticals

DP Dermaceuticals Brightening Starter Kit

DP Dermaceuticals Brightening Starter Kit

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DP Dermaceuticals Brightening Starter Kit.

Prevents pigmentations and reduces PiH scars after acne. The skin gets a more even tone with fine luster.

Brightening Starter Kit contains:

Micro Derm Exfoliant., 60 ml - a gentle and versatile peel where the bambooudes and aha-acid exfoliate the skin (mechanically and chemically) and remove dead skin cells and impurities. The skin gets luster with a clearer look and is left silky. The mild formula allows daily use.

Anti Oxidant Cocktail., 15 ml - a proper cocktail for the skin with protective and rebuilding serum full plugged with antioxidants that moisturizes, giving luster while the skin gets a smoother and clearer tone. A product with S.K. Climate protection, which means that it protects against negative environmental impact such as exhaust, impurities, free radicals and sun exposure.

Brite a little., 15 ml - a serum that gives the skin luster, reduces pigmentations, has grinding effect and inhibits pigmentation over time. Dampens incipient age spots, uneven skin tone and acne. Brite a little moisturizes the skin while reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PiH) that can occur from, for example, acne and pimples.

Brite little 3D mask - Have granted and lustering effect on the skin. Suitable for both normal skin and a skin type with pigmentations or acne ran skin. It calms the skin after dermpapy treatment, moisturizes and reduces pigmentation. The skin becomes properly moisturized with a fine glow.

Cover Recover. - A caring and protective foundation with SPF 30. Cover Recover contains bla vitamin A, vitamin E, copper peptides, hyalafuse complex (hyaluronic acid), probiotic, physical sun protection SPF - zinc oxide, titanium dioxide. The kit includes 3 samples of 3ml. With Sheer, Beige and Tawny.

Cover Recover can easily be built up to a comprehensive result.

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