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Tillverkare: Dp Dermaceuticals

DP Dermaceuticals CLR Foam Cleanser - 150ML

DP Dermaceuticals CLR Foam Cleanser - 150ML

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DP Dermaceuticals CLR Foam Cleanser.

A foaming cleaning effectively prevents impurities, regulates the speech producer and clean the skin in depth. Used morning and evening daily as a home care product for an unclean, pigmented and acne prey skin with enlarged pores.

For who? Perfect cleaning for. An unclean, pigmented and acne benzen skin with enlarged pores.

Use: Apply a small amount to the fingertips along with water, gently massage the skin into circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with cold to lukewarm water. Then dry the skin gently with towel.
Recommended for daily use or before Dermapen treatment.

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