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DP Dermaceuticals Skin Veneer 50ml

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DP Dermaceuticals Skin Veneer.

A unique moisturizer with light consistency that quickly enters the skin without cladding. Skin Veneer is structured in the same way as the skin's own barrier protection, where the content protects, moisturizes and nourishes in depth.
For who? Fits all skin types but mainly dry to very dry skin.

Characteristics: Skin Veneas is a luxurious and intense moisturizing 24-hour crème with caring properties that give the skin an extra barrier protection. Skin Veneer has been developed to provide a dry to very dry skin with intense moisturizing and at the same time protect against negative environmental impact. In order to mimic the skin structure, a biocompatible protection has been created where constituents such as proteins, peptides and cholesterol together with botanical ingredients create a protection that has the same content as the skin's own barrier function. This "veneer" lays out as a nursing skin on the skin.