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DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR - 15ml

DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR - 15ml

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DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR.

SSSCAR can be used immediately after aesthetic and medical procedures, such as microedioning, chemical peels, incision, tattoo and tattoo removal. Also works well on burn marks. Easy to apply without scratch and dry quickly. SSSCAR is also transparent and odorless

It is perfect as home processing product if performing aDermap 4. Cure against acne scars and scars. SSSCAR can also be used directly on wounds and burns to get them to heal faster.

For who?SSSCAR can be used directly after aesthetic or medical treatment such as e.g. Micronedling, injections, tattoo / removal of tattoo and skin grinding & burns.

Use: Use on cleansed skin. Spray DP Dermaceuticals Cliniprep Toner before to ensure skin is completely clean. Then a serum or skin cream is applied.

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