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Tillverkare: Yin Your Skin

Gua sha spoon niva

Gua sha spoon niva

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Yin your skin gua sha spoon niva is the most effective tool for activating lymph circulation and reducing swelling. Through small, pumping, wave -like movements, it encourages fluids in motion. It is tool number one for sensitive skin and the skin around the eyes, which allows a very gentle but effective treatment. The side of the spoon is good for scratching wrinkles. The thin end provides an extra boost to treat soft skin and scalp, and the other end is perfect for targeting acupuncture points.

Area of ​​use: The face, especially good for the skin around the eyes. Improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces swelling and provides clearer skin.

Material: Jadesten

The story behind Gua Sha:Gua Sha is originally from China. Jade The stone is 100%xiuyan-jade from the city of Xiuyan in the province of Liaoning. All Yin your skin tools are manufactured in China because Guasha is part of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese have the best knowledge of the manufacture of the product. A Guasha tool is made to last forever as long as it is not dropped. Yin your skin tool packaging is manufactured in Sweden.

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