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Tillverkare: Hydrea

Hydrea Bamboo Lavender Eye Pillow

Hydrea Bamboo Lavender Eye Pillow

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Bamboo Lavender Eye Pillow

Eye pillow of bamboo containing lavender flowers and rice to get the muscles around the eyes to relax. Used cold or heat. Use professionally in the treatment room or let customers take the spa!

The weight of the rice makes the muscles naturally relax and lavender gives relaxation for mind and soul.

The eye pillow can be used cold by first putting it in the freezer / refrigerator. The cold eye pillow reduces inflammation and healthy eyes. The eye pillow is also security tested to be heated in the microwave oven. The warm eye pillow gets the muscles to relax while blood circulation is increased and headache and stress disappears.


The removable case is washable in washing machine in max. 50 ° C. A few drops of essential lavender oil can be dripped on the eye cut to increase the lavender cushion. The eye pillow is perfect to use as eye mask when traveling to quickly relax and meditate.

Table of Contents:60% bamboo & 40% cotton.

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