Lotion Yon-Ka Dry Skin Toner Travel Size - 50ML (Toner) from Yon-Ka. | Sugarme Esthettics.

Lotion Yon-Ka Dry Skin Toner Travel Size - 50ml

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Yon-ka Lotion Yon-Ka Dry Skin Toner Travel Size


More than just a regular facial water, this phytoaromatic lotion balances your skin and lays the foundation for its daily care. Without the help of alcohol, the skin makes fresh, solid and clean and the whole body feels the energizing effects of its essential oils. Perfect size for those who want to try on the product or the one who is perhaps on the move.

For who?This is a perfect toner for all skin types, but more adapted for normal to dry skin. Perfect if you are on the move or want

What does the product do? Lotion Yon-ka moisturizes, soothes and freshens the skin with just 2-3 sprays throughout the face. Can be used before day cream but also during the day, on top of makeup, if needed moisture during the day.

Active ingredients: Yon-ka quintessence *, Essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme.