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Tillverkare: Saloncide

Saloncide 100 ml disinfection spray

Saloncide 100 ml disinfection spray

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Saloncide. 100 ml disinfectant spray

100 ml of disinfecting and anti-microbial spray for your hands. It also works great for your gadgets and other equipment.
Saloncide is an alcohol-free disinfecting spray like alcogel and hand liquor, but without the alcohol.

Saloncide was developed from the beginning of the beauty and barber industry to ensure the hygiene and prevent contamination between customers.

Saloncide disinfects all types of surfaces, with or without pores, as well as all types of tools and equipment. That it also, advantageously, can be used on the hands and other skin makes it very useful, economic and practical

This is a simple and quick solution for cleaning and disinfecting directly without the need to rinse with water.

To use it: Spray and dry. Then allow the solution to air dry or wipe with a clean drying towel or paper towel.

Saloncide has the same danger of water. making it very safe to use. You do not have to be worried about how it is used when it is completely harmless, non-toxic, non-alcoholic free from solvents, bleach and also odorless!

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