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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Nettoyant Creme Cleanser - 100ml

Yon-Ka Nettoyant Creme Cleanser - 100ml

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Yon-ka Net New Cream Cleanser - 100ML

 Cleaning - Makeup - Removal 

Particularly suited for dry and sensitive or damaged skin, clean this rich and soothing cream softly and removes gently all makeup. It is gentle to the skin's own hydrolipidate protective membranes and makes the skin clean, soft and relaxed.


Who should use the product?
Mainly ideal for those with dry / normal and damaged skin.


What does the product do?
Nettoyant creme reindeer, soften and freshen the skin while it also works as a makeup removal. With citric acid as ingredient brightly brightened to smooth out discoloration that can be found in the skin. The mineral oils care dry skin and prevent the skin from being wiped out even more.

Active ingredients: Peppermint, mild cleaning substances, vegetable glycerin, tercineol, yon-ka quintessence *.

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