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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-ka alpha-fluid -day glow - 50ml

Yon-ka alpha-fluid -day glow - 50ml

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Yon-ka Alpha-Fluid - Day Glow - 50ml

Renewal Hydrating Day Fluid

During the day, it rebuilds and revitalizes the moisturizing fluid skin and makes it softer and more beautiful.

Ingredients such as fruit acids and hyaluronic acid smooth out fine lines and give your skin an amazing Glow.

Add night peel:Alpha Peel in your skin care for full effect, when this reconstruction peeling gently eliminates dead cells and then shows up a skin that feels healthy and who has even more luster. During the day, it rebuilds and revitalizes the moisturized liquid skin and makes it soft and more beautiful.

Active ingredients: lemon, orange, cane, maple, blueberry rich in Aha (fruit acids), mimosa tenuiflora, marinapeptides, seed oil, rice oil, vitamin E.

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