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Yon-ka creme 15

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Yon-ka Cream 15, 50 ml

Cleansing - soothing

Balancer and reindeer combined to oily skin with the tendency to get pimples. Creme 15 should not replace daily skin cream when it is a point treatment for pimples and unclean skin.

Rich in extracts from soothing plants is recommended this caring and quick-absorbent cream for unclean skin. The cream balances and calms the skin and helps it to quickly be cleaner and healthier.


Active ingredients: Velcro, Salvia, Birch, Essential Oil from Lime, Medical Salva, Chamomile, Lemon Remedy, Arnika, Troll Hassel, Reward, John's Wort, Yon-Ka Quintessense *.