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Yon-Ka Eau Micellae Cleanser - 200ml

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Yon-ka Eau Micellaire Cleanser - 200ml

 Cleaning - Makeup removal.

This intelligent facial water combines professional makeup removal with preventive anti-aging. Thanks to its micellar technology, Eau Micellae captures softly up pollution and removes all makeup from face, eyes and lips without the need for rinsing. In a single quick and efficient step for the micellar face water, the skin completely clean, fresh and comfortable.
Your skin is thoroughly cleaned in just a few minutes, from makeup, pollution and also removes dead skin cells.

Eau Micellaire also minimizes excessive speech production and nurtures and regenerates. Apply a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and carefully wipe to clean.

Active ingredients: Marrisp, micelles of mild cleaning substances, polysaccharides, essential oils and chamomile sodium PCA, Yon-Ka Quintessence *.