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Yon-Ka Eau Micellae Cleanser Travel Size - 75ml

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Yon-ka Eau Micellaire Cleanser Travel Size- 75ml

This intelligent facial water combines professional makeup removal with preventive anti-aging.
Your skin is thoroughly cleaned in just a few minutes, from makeup, pollution and also removes dead skin cells.


For who? This size is perfect for the one who wants to try on Eau Micellaire or the one who is often on the move and does not want / can withdraw large amounts with makeup removal / facial wash.

What does the product do?Thanks to its micellar technology, Eau Micellae captures softly up pollution and removes all makeup from face, eyes and lips without the need for rinsing. In a single quick and efficient step for the micellar face water, the skin completely clean, fresh and comfortable.  Eau Micellaire also minimizes excessive speech production and nurtures and regenerates. Apply a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and carefully wipe to clean.

Active ingredients: Marrisp, micelles of mild cleaning substances, polysaccharides, essential oils of rose and chamomile sodium PCA, Yon-Ka Quintessence *.