Yon-Ka for Men - Lotion YK After Shave Toner - 150ML (Toner) from Yon-Ka. | Sugarme Esthettics.

Yon-Ka for Men - Lotion YK After Shave Toner - 150ML

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Yon-ka For Men - Lotion YK After Shave Toner - 150 ml

 Alcohol Free, Phyto-Tonic, After Shave

More than just an after-shave, this exclusive lotion from Yon-Ka strengthens the skin and mood, make the face clean, fresh and alive with a practical spray shape and revitalizing effect. It optimizes the effect of other coming products.


Who should use the product?

Lotion YK can be used by men with all kinds of skin types.

What does the product do? 

The perfect all of the product for the man! Can be used as ather-shave, toner or as during the day when the skin feels dry or need a refreshing feel and effect on the skin. Otherwise applied after cleaning and shaving.

Active ingredients:Essential oils of citrus fruits (lime, orange, grapefruit and lemon), Yon-Ka Quintessence *