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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Huile Delicieuse - Body Oil - 100ml

Yon-Ka Huile Delicieuse - Body Oil - 100ml

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Yon-ka Huile Delicieuse - Body Oil -100ml

Nourishing sublimative.

This is a light and fine oil that is quickly absorbed. The oil is extracted from sesame, sunflower and sublime Baobab and it cares for the skin intensively. The skin becomes softer and gets more luster. The scent is sensitive, natural and relaxing, and gets the soul of travel and relax.

Who should use the product?
Can be used by all skin types, it is a fantastic moisturizing oil that smells amazing!

What does the product do?
Huile Delicieuse is a body oil that you morning or evening can spray on the body and work into the skin. It is a very light oil that quickly goes into the skin without sticking. Also good to apply in the hair tops for moisture-poor hair and in need of strength.


Active ingredients:Sunflower oil, jasmine, lavender, sesame oil, baobab oil, yon-ka quintessence

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