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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Nutri-Contour -Dry Sensitive Eye Cream - 15ml

Yon-Ka Nutri-Contour -Dry Sensitive Eye Cream - 15ml

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As a cocoon of softness, this hypervitaminated and charitable cream with hazelnut oil nutrition and contour to eyes and lips and protects from dehydration and the emergence of wrinkles.

Who should use the product?
Nutri-Contour is the ultimate eye cream for eyes that need some extra care and moisture. Is very effective against expression pads that may arise with time.

What does the product do?
Eyes and lip cream provide protection from dehydration and wrinkles should be formed, the skin becomes smooth and soft right away!

Push out the cream with light moves and lightly so that it penetrates the skin under the eyes. Do not use too close to the eyelashes.

Around the lips, iron and pinch easily so that the cream penetrates into the skin.

Active ingredients: Hazelnut oil, chamomile, vitamins e, f, pp.

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