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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Phyto 152 -Firming Body Cream - 125ML

Yon-Ka Phyto 152 -Firming Body Cream - 125ML

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Firming body cream

It is the contraction and refreshing force of rosemary that constitutes the heart of this cream against soft skin. It gives the skin resilient, shapes and sculptures the profile. Its phytoaromatic effects get the whole body to feel pig and fresh.

Who should use the product?
Works excellent on all skin types.

What does the product do?
Helps the skin is shaped and decrease on stretch marks that may have arisen with age or weight gain. Moisturizes in depth and helps to tone the body.

Active ingredients:Rosemary, peptides from book buds, hazelnut oil, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, yon-ka quintessence *, vitamin E.

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