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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Phyto 58 - Revitalizing Night Cream - 40ml

Yon-Ka Phyto 58 - Revitalizing Night Cream - 40ml

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Yon-ka Phyto 58 - Revitalizing Night Cream - 40 ml


Easy and quick-absorbent offers this cream rich in phytimulatory rosemary extract a unique capacity to revitalize the skin. The blurring out signs of fatigue, tightens the skin structure and provides smoother and brighter skin. Its fresh and refreshing scent spread throughout the body.

The version for normal to oily skin has a higher concentration of rosemary and a purifying effect.
The version for dry skin is enriched with nourishing oils for higher comfort.

 Who should use the product?

Aging, mature skin, dry or greasy but in need of moisture.

What does the product do?

Gives your skin a lovely luster while working on bright up pigmentations. With lavender moisturizes it in depth and increases the circulation in the skin. Also removes dead skin cells.

Active ingredients:Rosemary, Yon-Ka Quintessence *, Vitamins A, E, F.


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