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Calming, Comforting.

This refined cream gives the skin calm and well-being. It has been developed to strengthen fragile and hyper-reactive skin. The Sensibiotic complex is a unique combination of pre- and probiotics as well as sea mucosa, which together strengthen the skin's natural defense and reduces irritation.

Who should use the product?
Specifically designed for those with very sensitive skin.

What does the product do?
Sensitive calms and boosts skin so it feels comfortable all day and does not allow environmental factors to affect, by becoming dry.

For each day, the skin becomes stronger and can better handle the environmental factors that lead to dehydration (wind, cooling, air conditioning, ...). The discomfort from, for example, tightness and itching is reduced immediately and lasting.

Active ingredients:Sensibiotic complex (a combination of pre- and probiotics as well as sea mombomill), shea butter, bisbolol, vegetable glycerin, squalane from olives and polysaccharides rich in fukos.