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Tillverkare: Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Time Resist Day 50ml

Yon-Ka Time Resist Day 50ml

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Youth Activator - Plumping Effect- Wrinkle Filler

The heart of this velvety and moisturizing formula is the latest herbal stem cells and the lipoaminosyran Youth Energy1 in a unique synergy that stimulates skin rejuvenation. 

Who should use the product?
Aging skin with nice lines and wrinkles.

What does the product do? 

Reduces visible age characters and make the skin smoother and give new resilience.

For full effect on the skin, bet on Time Resist duo.
Duon becomes skin boundary: It gives skin protection against these external attacks and reduces the visible earnings.
During the day, filling spheres and hyaluronic acid make smoother and provide the new resilience. At night, extracts from Euglena Gracilis fill out the skin and give the new energy for a healthy tone when the new day begins.

Active ingredients: Plant stem cells from dwarf seedlikes, lipoamino acid, Wakame extract, vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil, shea butter, filling spheres, hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides from oats.

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